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The Foundation for the Emancipation of Women and Girls is a 501C3 non profit organization whose mission is to inspire, inform and empower its participants to become self-reliant in meeting the needs of families and communities through training, education and leadership development. We seek to renew at every moment the right, the voice, the existence of the feminine gender .
We strive to establish a variety of continuing education programs to enable our young women and girls to adapt to changes in society and to the strategic directions of their lives.We are committed to attracting and engaging the finest thinkers in quest of greater understanding, innovative new discoveries, and preparing the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and visionaries.
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Causes We are Care About

The reasons for the existence of FEWGI

Social housing

it’s a program that has achieved as much housing as possible for destitute women of all hopes

Community health center

with a more accessible approach to health centers, girls and women will risk less danger by doing more prevention

Social Program

self-development, self-esteem and social programs dedicated to young women and girls 

Education Funding

as much as we can, we allow women and girls to achieve their intellectual dreams by helping them with their schooling.

Business Funding

All over the world, the female gender remains the active center, which is why we are establishing this program in order to support as many women as possible through their entrepreneurial experiences.

Green Program

Designed to include all women in the fight against deforestation

Women and girls

together we can do it, future women of all living beings

Numbers speaking

Love learning about crazy facts? Then read these amazing facts that will tickle your brain.


more than 50 women have already received our social supports in Haiti in the department of Jeremi


we can lift a stone alone, but together we can move mountains.


Our work would not be possible without dedicated our sincere, faithful and volunteers who made this foundation possible
In the United States as in Haiti, FEWGI is entitled to the maximum of support and very good agreement with its partners.

Location is everything

We are everywhere !

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